Victoria Delacruz

Taking Luxury Real Estate to the next level.

Coldwell Banker
3211 Internet Blvd Ste 150, Frisco, TX 75078

Tel: 760-525-7378
Cell: 760-525-7378

Markets Served: Frisco, TX;Highland Park, Texas;Prosper, Texas;McKinney, Texas;Celina, Texas;

About Victoria

Who is Victoria? 1. Award-winning real estate agent, RANKED IN THE TOP 500 in North Dallas. That’s 500 out of ~15,000 agents = Top 3.3%. 2. How did I accomplish this? By using my master negotiating skills for my clients so they get the maximum value out of a real estate transaction, whether they are selling or buying. Translation: I will get maximum dollars on the sell side, and I will optimize concessions for you on the buy side.

But wait, there's more: So, I took my passion for Real Estate and added the 'Celebrate the Everything' attitude that wine has to offer and married those two ideologies together, striving to be the most effective real estate agent in DFW with Coldwell Banker and the Sr. Leader of The Private Cellar - Clean Crafted Wine.

What do I bring to your table? Being a master networker and negotiator with connections and relationships worldwide, allows me to be a connector of dots for my clients. My extensive background in the mortgage and title industry allows my clients to experience a realtor who understands the transaction from loan application to signed closing docs.